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About the company

RØRSTRØMSK is a contemporary dance company under the artistic direction of choreographer Lise Lønsmann. The company was established in 2006 and is based in Aarhus, Denmark.

The company’s works have been shown in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands. The main focus of the company is creating own pieces as well as working to extend the knowledge of contemporary dance through work in progress showings, workshops, artist talks etc.  

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About the choreographer

Danish choreographer Lise Lønsmann (born 1980) has created her own works since 2002 and RØRSTRØMSK in 2006. She often involves artists from other genres in the creative process and thus many of her projects so far have been interdisciplinary. In addition to her choreographic work she also teaches classes and workshops in contemporary dance.

About her work Lise Lønsmann says: “As a choreographer I see myself as a storyteller, and I work with movement as the language of the body. To me the body is a beautiful and complicated narrative instrument that can express emotions, describe moments and interpret stories in a very sophisticated and highly detailed manner and movement a deeper form of communication than for instance spoken language; deeper because the body seems to remember and understand things the conscious mind has forgotten or surpresses, and because the body thus through movement can express things that are otherwise unspeakable and/or unspoken.

My works are meant as an abstract comment on modern society and the individual and are always rooted in an emotional universe. I seek to express the vulnerable and the neglected. I am especially interested in interpretations of interrelations, corners of and impressions in the human psyche, social patterns and constructs, the connection between body and mind, the individual versus the group, communication, all kinds of truth, the human condition, personal identity, defence mechanisms, the distance between people, hopes and dreams, nightmares, secrets, lies, opposites, the hopeless, the incomprehensible. My works are meant as portraits always focusing on portraying the „inside“ of the story, the unfiltered, the gaps, the voids.”

(Photos: Henning Sjøstrøm, Anne Kring, Joana Silva)